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THE Films of 2021


(Good Films Released This Year)

Shadow in the Cloud

Part “Memphis Belle” (1990)… Part “Locke” (2013)… Part “Sucker Punch” (2011)… This insane, adbsurd film somehow manages to pull it all together and makes for a relentlessly entertaining thrill ride and one of the best surprises in years.  Chloë Grace Moretz is outstanding as the mysterious stowaway aboard a 1943 WWII bomber plane.  Prepare yourself for utter cinematic lunacy… in the best way imaginable.

9.3 / 10

The White Tiger

The comparisons to “Slumdog Millionaire” will inevitably arise because the film is set in India, and it is about a poor young man on his journey to success.  However, this film doesn’t reach those heights because it lacks emotion, and it doesn’t have the panache of Danny Boyle’s masterpiece.  Nevertheless, it is a consistently interesting and entertaining story of a servant’s awakening to the real world.

8.1 / 10

Locked Down

Doug Liman takes full advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic and films a socially distanced story about a failing relationship and a small-time heist plot.  The movie has a refreshing simplicity to it and the two central performances are impressive.  Perhaps, it starts to come off the rails with the silliness toward the end.  However, it is an easy watch.

7.2 / 10

I Care a Lot

The first hour of this film is so good that it manages to carry the ridiculous implausibility of its second hour to a satisfactory conclusion.  If it had not tried to become “Mission: Impossible” and stayed confined to the small-time grift of elderly care abuse, this would have been one of the best films of the year.  However, like the characters in the film, the writer / director gets greedy, and pays for it.

7.0 / 10

The Average

(Forgettable Films in the Middle of the Pack)

The Little Things

With a cast of Denzel Washington, Jared Leto and Rami Malek, you’d expect this serial-killer, police-procedural to be a gripping mystery.  Instead, the final third of the film meanders into strange unnecessary directions.  It tries too hard to be about something more than what it is.  The last thirty minutes disappoints a decent set-up.

5.5 / 10


(Movies That Just Didn’t Work on Any Level)

The Marksman

With “The Marksman”, Liam Neeson branches out and plays a bad-ass who takes on a gang of thugs in order to protect someone.  You might as well call this film “Taken 8”.  The lack of originality is so cynical, that they even directly lift the famous “he will find you and he will kill you” line… practically verbatim… while on the phone!!!  This is an instantly forgettable movie with generic stereotype characters and a cloned plot that should embarrass Neeson and everyone involved.

2.2 / 10

Below Zero (SPA)

“Con-Air” on wheels, in the snow.  You know what kind of movie you are in for when the highly dangerous inmates’ cells can be unlocked from the inside by sticking an arm through the handcuff hole to reach the deadbolt.  It is every bit as dumb as “Con-Air” without any of the star-power or budget.

1.6 / 10

The Worst of the year

(Hate-Filled Pieces of Crap)

Red Dot (SWE)

A vile humans hunting humans plot, with despicable people on both sides of the sniper rifle.  The only three creatures in the film who die are an innocent child, a beautiful dog and the black girlfriend who was only guilty of being a bitch.  The people who live are all murderous sickos.  This is a morally reprehensible film… amateurish and horrid.

0.3 / 10

Yes… There is a Section Lower than the Worst Movies of the Year!
I Present a List of Films That I Absolutely Refuse to Watch… (Because I am a Pretentious Film Snob).




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